Katerina Pitzner is a highly trusted name in the global diamond market. She’s been dealing directly on the world’s largest diamond exchanges for more than 20 years purchasing precious gem stones for private clients and specialist investors. Her everlasting fascination of diamonds stems from the Pitzner-family. Diamond trading is in Katerina Pitzner’s blood.

"Diamond trading is in
Katerina Pitzner’s blood"

Katerina Pitzner’s journey began in her father’s exclusive and highly recognized jewelry and watch stores in Copenhagen, Denmark. Today she’s an expert capable of approaching a diamond deal – both from an outside investor’s point of view and from an insider’s perspective.


Katerina Pitzner offers invited audiences to take part in exclusive talks. This is your opportunity to experience one of the world’s highest profiled diamond brokers and get a rare peek inside a trade only accessible by few. Cursed diamonds, the dos and dont's of the diamond trade, the largest diamond collection in the world – Katerina’s stories are incredible but authentic. You can also get general advice on business and entrepreneurship.